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What are you views on Birth Control?

What are your views on birth control? Do you think it should be allowed, or banned by the Church? 

How about the family planning method?

I read some beautiful writings by Pope John Paul II that really explained how the purpose of "it" was to make love, and be open to the possibility of your love producing another human. But if using birth control, one may only be acting on lust. So with the family planning method, one can attempt to discourage pregnancy if wanted, yet still be open to the will of God if one does become pregnant anyways. Forgive me and please correct me if I didn't sum that up properly. 


  • We should have children when we know that we will be able to raise them, we are not supposed to be told about the number of children to have. That should be left to parents to decide.
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    My view on this is that family planning is an issue that should be left to the individuals involved, not the church. When to have children, how many.....these are very important decisions dependent upon one's personal situation. The church cannot be deciding these matters for its members. 
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    I don't think the Church is making decisions about your family. I think they are making decisions about your sex life, which in turn effects your family. Really they are kind of saying you shouldn't be doing it if your primary intentions are just satisfaction of personal lust. They view it should be an act of love, which if love is truly involved, there shouldn't be objection to the possibility of a child. Also though, one has to have the view that all that happens is the Will of God, and that if He sends a child, He will also provide for it. If one doesn't have those views to begin with, then it's harder to see the reasoning behind the Church's view on birth control. 

    People want to use birth control because then they feel they are then in control of the situation. However the Church would feel we should allow God to be in control, not us. 
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    There are 2 sides to birth control. Understandably, when babies continually arrive, there will come a time that the house will get full and cannot anymore accommodate more babies. The same goes for the earth, that it will be full of people if births will  not be controlled. What happens when farms become residential lots? How would the people get food?

    On the other side, it is God's will for people to multiply and some religious elders say that a crowded world is a challenge to man. In other words, man should find a way to accommodate the ever growing population. Maybe seek some place in another planet?
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    No, your views and interpretations are exactly on point, there just another thing to consider though, and it is the fact that no birth control method is 100% safe anyway, I don't know what it adds to the discussion but I felt that it was important to bring that up.

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    I'm not against birth control nor am I pro birth control. fcuco hit a major point, no birth control method is 100% safe, unless you alter your body by taking a surgery, that is another topic in itself. Taking that into consideration, in my opinion, no amount of birth control will ever stop a baby from being born to this earth. If a person is destined to be born, he will be born, no matter what people do. :)
  • I do not think birth control should be banned.. I think some families are not ready to have a child, or more children and thats okay. Birth control stops millions of unwanted pregnancies to begin with. Why take that away? We the people have rights too!
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    As far as I know, the Roman Catholic Church is not against family planning or birth control. The church supports natural family planning method like the rhythm method where couples should abstain from sex during 'unsafe days'. I know this doesn't work for some couples because some women don't have regular menstrual period and it would be very difficult to determine fertile/non-fertile days. In some cases, the doctor will prescribe birth control pills to regulate menstruation in which case, the birth control pills double up as menstruation regulator and contraceptive at the same time.

    I'm using the rhythm method and it works for me. I know it is more simple to use birth control pills but unless it's the man who takes them, I'm not going to increase my risk of acquiring diseases like breast cancer by taking the pills.  

  • If we want to last as a species we need to reproduce but it is also very common that people do not want kids due to some factors. I believe that we should all be able to decide if we want a family or don't. If we can take care of 5 children in a proper and god way and we want 5 kids why not but birth control is useful and lust has no part in church life but in everyday life is very much present and who is to say if one type of life is better than other.
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    My analogy of birth control is a couple with 4 children. They are living conveniently in their 3-bedroom house. What if the 4 children would raise a family and still live in their parent's house? That is what is happening in our world. The space is limited but the population seems to be unlimited when birth control is not imposed. The crowding of people can lead to chaos. 
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    Birth control is a mortal sin.
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