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Jesus Never Asked to be Divine

The reason I get Jesus and love his teachings is because of how simple and structured he was. He never got uptight about Sabbath (if your donkey falls into the well on Sabbath, you simply take him out), he was simple in prayer (not out front beating your chest, just simply Our Father...), he gave clean, structured tips that everyone could follow (Love your Neighbor as you love yourself). That's who Jesus was; a real down to Earth, practical teacher with so much love for people who had a hard time getting what life was really all about. Sick and poor were his friends, along with fishermen and thieves getting into heaven.

At no point did Jesus even ask to be divine or be crowned king. He came to teach us how to connect with God in the simplest ways. Then came First
Council of Nicaea convened by Constantine in 325AD, settling the
Nicaean Creed wherein Christ is described as "God from God, Light from
Light, true God from true God", then
sealed by the First Council of Constantinople in 381. His divinity was conferred long after his death. He never he asked for it. And when the church made him divine it was for the purpose of stopping religious wars and differences among groups split over beliefs. I think Jesus would have shaken in head at the people who still didn't get his role in the first place. Lemme know what you think...


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    I agree with your stand on the simplicity of Jesus. Granting that all the accounts about Jesus is accurate, I envision Him as a man with conviction who never thought about his own welfare but is focused on his mission. With that qualities, we can consider Jesus as not human anymore because humans would succumb to temptations particularly to material advantages.

    With his healing mission, I think there were more people healed that did not appear in the accounts because it is impossible to take note of all those who were healed.
  • Certainly and you explained your point really well my friend. I also believe that Jesus Christ, being the son of the Most High did not ask for divinity. He just did His mission on earth and that is to bring God's message of salvation to all of us and is truly simple in His approach. His simplicity is a trait and virtue that we should all emulate and follow for being humble, like what He always showed is the way to the right path and to God. Thank you very much and God bless us all.
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    By history yes the Romans did make him the divine being he was today so now it's written in the scriptures. Even though the decree was politically motivated it's still true isn't it? Jesus is the Son of God, maybe he was too humble to say he was, we just reiterated it. Maybe he's just a prophet, who really knows? The most important thing was his teachings of kindness, hope and love. The kingdom of God is on Earth, I truly believe it.
  • I truly believe I'm most comfortable doing the simple things like loving my neighbor and such. Yes I like the fact that he's divine and the son of God, but I love knowing that if I go to one church to hear a pastors message, it's OK if I go to a different church another day because I want to hear a message their also. So I don't want to be attacked if I pop into a different church because I'm not switching sides. I'm just there for the message. That was just an example but it's just that we get so caught up missing the relevant points because we are busy focusing on small, peripheral issues.
  • He never "asked" to be divine? He already was/is divine. He is God manifest in the flesh!
  • I don't understand @harpazo22 's response. It seems a bit hostile. Just because he was already divine does not mean he never asked. He really never asked to be. There's nothing wrong with that statement at all.

    Jesus was a beautiful human being that looked out for others. He never cared for himself as much as he cared for the welfare of other people. 
  • Just in case there needs to be some clarity on the point being made @harpazo22, it's my humble opinion that Jesus never even wanted to be divine. At least not in the way religion on Earth worked it  out back then and currently deal with his divinity right now. It was not just about the asking. Jesus was so humble and came to teach he never was interested in divinity this way.
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    This one is a mystery within a mystery. The weird part is when you read of Jesus in other books such as the Essene Gospel of Peace or even in later psychic accounts of Edward Cayce, Jesus always ascends. There is said to be a transfiguration where a risen Prophet becomes completely Divine. People today have visions and see Christ as G-d. People die and come back from near death experiences who have seen Christ. I do not know what to say to that. I believe in Jesus, Yeshua or whatever name we want to call him. He came here for a reason. He fulfilled that purpose and went back to where he came from. Nothing he spoke of came without deep spiritual revelation. Christ knew the way, that I am for sure of. His teachings save me everyday. You have to excuse my empty posts. I am typing in TextEdit and copying it in the box, sometimes the draft does not save when i press the post comment button.
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    @DStMars Ok I understand the empty posts now LOL. Thank s for explaining. I also admire the real, down to Earth way you view Jesus and his divinity. You don't challenge it but it goes without question that he was really a different person right through. I believe in the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Anyone who asks me if I've ever seen them, my answer is NO! But I believe by FAITH. Jesus also did things by faith similar to mine. His experiences were similar, in several ways, to mine and he kept himself humble in teaching us how to be great. How many people treat his divinity is wrong, in my opinion. They just focus on picking out a few texts and using them to the advantage of shoving their own religion down the throats of others, using personal interpretations.
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