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Pope francis said Jesus' life ended in failure

The pope gave a speech while he was in the USA and said Jesus' life ended in failure at the cross. What excuses can you make up for this?



  • Can you cite your source my friend because I have not listened to such speech when he was in America? And if that were true then it could have been a mistake or maybe he meant another thing. Another possibility would be that his translation of his written speech was not right or something like that. For sure the Pope is human and is prone to mistakes every now and then just like you and me. 
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    Yes, I also don't recall him making such a speech while he was in America. Believe me if he had said something along those lines it would of caused a frenzy with people getting upset about this statement.  Than the news media would of been on top of the story, since nothing that is considered controversial gets under their radar.  So, I have to find it hard to believe that he actually made such a remark, I could be wrong, but again I want to know when and give us the proof that this is a viable source.
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    I have not listened to the whole speech but I am thinking about what he meant. Jesus died for our sins or our failures. Shedding blood on the cross was not usual and it was not a good thing. Maybe that is what he was referring to.
  • Jesus's Life Did Not End In Failure, He
    Triumped Over The Devil!!!
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