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How Often Do You Read The Bible?

The Bible contains the teachings of God and stories and lessons from the early years of the Church and also the time of Christ and the values He is teaching us. How often do we read the word of God contained in the Bible. Hopefully we do not only read it but also live what we read from it.


  • I read the bible every single day, and have never missed a day since I got saved except for when I was in the hospital when I had my son. If you truly love Christ, and have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, you would never miss a day in the word of God. And we should be in it as much as possible. It's literally our spiritual food. They are the words of life.
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    Once a week. I've pretty much taken away all the important lessons. I am not one who has epiphanies from reading the scripture. Generally, I am more interested in what others have to say about the bible.
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    I try to read the Bible every day. I usually don't read for very long though--just about a chapter a day (which means it takes around 4 years to finish the whole book). I know many people who read the Bible once per year (or more) but I am a slow reader and have not gotten used to reading four chapters a day regularly. 

    I agree that we should not only focus on reading the Bible (remember that lay people actually didn't read the Bible by and for themselves until relatively recently) but we should focus on LIVING OUT the principles of Christ--loving God and loving others. 
  • Thank you for the reply harpazzo22, Slate and StevenH. Personally, I read a chapter or two each and everyday and during travels, because I travel all the time because of my work, I have an app in my phone that contains the Bible so that I can carry it with me all the time, be blessed always by God and be guided wherever I go. My day is never complete without reading the Bible because it contains the teachings that we Christians need to follow and abide to be good followers of Christ. God bless us all.  
  • I read the Bible with my daughter several times a week. We pick stories, as well as parables from the Bible. We discuss what God's message to us is, as well as how we can apply the teachings to our every day lives.
  • I must admit and confess that I used to read the Bible quite often when I was younger. In highschool, I loved reading the book especially Revelations. Maybe, because of the many environmental problems and various natural disasters that were plagueing my country at the time, the words of the Bible, especially that chapter, was a source of information and spiritual guidance at the time. When I grew up, my time with reading the Bible grew smaller and smaller, not, it's only sometimes that I read it. Only now, do I find a renewed interest in the Bible. Thank you Lord
  • That is wonderful lamanlupa. It is not too late to start once again and the Lord our God is always there for a loving and warm embrace. Yes, let us study more of his teachings and be enlightened each and every day of our lives. He is alive in His words written in the Bible and that He should always be an inspiration to all of us as we strive to live up to be like Him every time. God bless us all and more power to all of us. 
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    I have an android bible app and I have learned to read it every time that I am free. I used to read the bible only in the morning and evening before going to bed. I have managed to read bible stories everyday.
  • That is wonderful Francis. The Bible app in your android phone is the instrument that makes you closer to God even reading it twice a day can help you be reminded of God's teachings and His wonderful news of salvation for all of us. This though should go along with prayers so that we can be strengthened each and everyday in our lives and in our daily undertakings daily including the jobs we do.
  • I read the bible often. I was once told about about the bible app that can be downloaded from a phone. I'm yet to download. May be that will make me read the bible always because it will be at reach every time it's needed.
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    I used to read the Bible during my free time especially when I was a new employee. But now that I am middle aged and has so many responsibilities, I seem not to have the energy anymore to read the Bible. It's not that I don't need the Bible nor I already know the contents, far from it. Maybe the technology had caught up on me such that I prefer to go to the internet than open the Bible.
  • I will be the first person to admit that I never read the bible. I cannot remember the last time I read through the bible and I can honestly say that I can't quote any passages. I don't know why, but the bible wasn't a huge thing in my house. Growing up Catholic, you would have thought we were reading the bible daily, but we never seemed to pick it up.
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    My myself almost never..:( But with other people for example from my youth group I sometimes do, which is good:)
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    Not often enough I imagine. The last I recalled reading the Bible months ago but I was only browsing then. The thing is, I've read the Bible from start to finish in the past and now I just recall the few books that I like. When I'm sad I look through the Song of Songs. When I think about where my life is going I read about Job. There are many lessons to be learned from the Bible, that's very true.
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    I try to read a tiny passage everyday. When your spirit depends on that truth that emanates from The Holy bible and all other forms of G-d's word,  you know that you can not go a whole week without acknowledging G-d's wisdom. There are words that will comfort you for eternity. I am sorry if I come off as a little overbearing. I am not a church attending Christian. My simple soul is a believer. Too many trials that the Hand of the Most High has brought me through, for me to not seek his word as diligently as possible. G-d is a permanent fixture in my life. Jesus Christ is always on my heart now. I am thankful for Christ's words until I can read them no more.
  • I've in he past tried to read the bible often. With all the buzz of the day it gets a little difficult I must admit. For the new year 2016 I have made a decision to read the bible and seek God's face in a serious way. I need to hear the voice of God since I have a lot a important decisions to make for the new year. When you read His Word mysterie are  revealed to you.
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    I pray the morning prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours every day, and that is scripture-based, mostly psalms. Sometimes I read the readings of the day. I like the fact that these readings unite me to the rest of the church, where people are reading the same thing all over the world. In times of trouble, I do turn to the Testament, and read some of the Gospels or Epistles. 

    I'd like to find a good Bible Study for Lent. Does anyone know of one? Lent starts early this year. 
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    Sometimes I will read it everyday and other times I go weeks without reading it. However I do also like to read a daily devotional online, most days. It is not the same feeling as reading the Bible but I do still get a tiny bit out of it. 
  • I read the bible at least four times a day. I guess most of you must be wondering whether i am a strong Christian. Well, i'm not. I only refer to the bible from my phone app when writing my religious blog. In fact, i am not even a Christian. I only help in relating bible verses to Muslim quran.
  • I do read the bible every night before going to bed. Sometimes back I used to read it twice a day i.e in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after supper. I also have a bible app that I do read. That makes me to be prayerful and conscious about life. What I have never done is to carry my bible to church. I also like praying when I am not reading the bible.
  • Sadly, I cannot remember the last time I picked up the bible. We have a few at our house and I never seem to have the time to read them. I guess work and chores have gotten the better of me. It's something that I am terribly ashamed to admit but I wouldn't want to lie about it as well.

    I remember back when I was still single, I'd browse through the bible every chance I could. My mom keeps her prayer books and bibles in this one drawer. And I can just pick up any prayer material or bible I'd want to read. 

    Now, I'm not in our old house anymore but we still have bibles from where we are. I will make it an everyday habit to read the bible to have some more guidance in my life. 
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    Actually, I don't read the bible anymore, as in, picking up the physical book, opening it and reading from it. I just simply use the internet to locate and re read some passages or parts that interest me or I think will be relevant for what is going on in my life at that point. Since I don't know the whole bible by heart sometimes I try to use search engines to locate verses that could help me cope with any situations I am facing.
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    I read the bible almost everyday, skipping at most one day a week, on the sabbath day. I've read and re-read the gospels which renews my faith and remind me of God's love through the sacrifice of Jesus. I also read the Old Testament like it is a history book. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from it. The wars in the present generations are nothing compared to how it was in the old times. What stands out is God's love for man. God always makes the first move. He is a merciful, loving, and amazing God. I don't have to see him to know that. I feel his presence in my life every day of my life. I always spend the first hour in the morning praising him through songs and prayers because he deserves to be loved and praised. I read a few chapters of the Psalms and a chapter of the other books.

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