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Argentine Rape Victim Receives Surprise Call from Pope Francis

There is yet another reason why the first Latin American pope, Pope Francis, is often referred to as the people’s pope.

This week a 44-year-old Argentine rape victim received a call from the pontiff himself where he reassured her that “you are not alone.”

Alejandra Pereyra, according to Argentine press, had written Pope Francis about a month ago to tell him of her victimization at the hand of a Cordoba police officer.  The mother of six biological children and foster mother to six handicapped children, told the pontiff of her fear and her desperation at being raped twice by the police officer who was never charged with a crime.  Pereyra also claims the crime was covered up by officials in Cordoba.  She was losing faith in God and that justice would ever be done.

As the former archbishop of Buenos Aires the lack of impunity in Argentina is something Pope Francis must be all too familiar with.  Many have said the lack of impunity for human rights abuses has been Argentina’s dark legacy that continues. 

The Argentine born pontiff was apparently so moved by her letter that he decided to call her direct and assure her to “have faith that justice will be done.”  The call lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Pereyra said “When I heard the Pope’s voice, it was like feeling the hand of God.”  She vows to go visit “El papa” at the Vatican, since he personally invited her and granted her an audience. 

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  • In my opinion, this is the exact reason why the Pope is the best pope of this generation, if not, of all time. He does not care what nationality you are, what religion you practice, and what gender you are. His presence alone in the world should be proof that God exists. When the Pope extends his hand to the people in need, it gives me motivation to do something similar like that. The Holy Spirit has truly touched the Pope, and inspired him to be something bigger. I believe that with the Pope, even things like universal peace could be achieved. Pope Francis gives people the gift of the faith in God, and I hope this continues.
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    I agree with you entirely @MrOblivious. When a religious leader does something that proves he is in touch with human suffering it is a pointer for others to follow. This was a really great thing the Pope did, calling up that woman in her time of need. Big up!
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    Pope Francis' seething compassion and burning heart tells me his love for humanity is unrivaled. Rape and violence can scar you for life and Pope Francis empathizes with the woman. Even listening can help the victim, he even took his time 20 mins is quite long for a Pope as busy as him. I would also like to be touched with his voice and kindness.
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    Pope Francis' kindness is undeniably overwhelming. Just by reading stories about what he has done to someone in need gives me a good feeling. What more if I am the one in that situation. Extending a hand to someone has never been an issue to him. I think he does things like that to assure the person that God will never leave her. And it practically gives hope not just to her but everybody. I hope Pope Francis lives a long life. We need more people like him.
  • I think this is the best Pope so far! He is very compassionate and he is so not judgmental. I never heard of any of the past Popes doing anything of this nature.
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    Wow, what a man. To not only call her and reassure her but also to invite her for a personal audience? That is what sets him apart. He understands the effect of his position and uses it to help others.
  • Does he only talk to the people who his team chooses so he'll look good? Who else has he called?

  • No doubt this has made a difference in her life. What she's been through is horrendous, and no one should have to experience that, let alone those who have to on a routine basis, with no hope of a resolution. I struggle with situations like this, because I always feel bad for the others who didn't receive calls, money, assistance, etc. I would like to see changes made toward cleaning up corruption, and Pope Francis is one who has the platform to push that agenda, and I hope he does. 
  • Pope Francis is truly an inspiration. How many important people would actually take the time to perform such a personal, touching gesture as this one? Probably not many. He continues to lead by example, and teaches how true Christians, and just how good people in general should act towards their fellow brothers and sisters. Even non-believers look up to him; it's truly a wonderful thing.

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    an ordeal will truly traumatize someone. And it would take time to heal and
    support from friends and loved ones to recover. The call from Pope Francis
    truly made a lot of difference. 
  • This deed then again proves that Pope Francis is the best, he gives support to those who needed it, he loves people and he helps them in his simple ways. He does not only focus on his obligations as pope by spreading the word of God but he also focuses on issues that needs to be addressed and not only that he like I said gives support to those who needs it. He indeed is the best pope of all times. :)
  • Wow, just imagine getting a call from the Pope himself and getting his fatherly advice directly from him. This must feel really uplifting and feels very much like talking with the Lord God himself as the Pope is his representative here on earth. Whatever is bound in heaven will also be bound on earth and whatever is bound on earth will also be bound in heaven. Amen.
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    That was very encouraging. It was meant to give her hope so that she can continue with her life. I hope he continues to pray for her and our society. We are living in rotten societies where most people only want to satisfy themselves without caring about others. Rape victims should face harsh punishments so that they may not repeat the same. I also pray for her quick recovery.
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